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OK, you are done now. If you are wondering, "Why Minouzu, Gala and Yanzou in the same pic? Well, it's because of their eyes. Hopefully, I'm not such a bad artist that their eyes all look different in shape :p

With Minouzu, it is easy to see why he has those eyes: He's (SPOILER!) Yanzou's offspring, which means he has to share some resemblance to his father --Though, I guess he looks more like his mother, indeed--

Now, why Yanzou and Gala have the same shape of eyes? Nope, it's not because Yanzou is Gala's gradson or something --it would be a fun contrivance, but no-- It's because, well... Those eyes give off an air of mystery around them, don't they?

Indeed, while Gala is quite obvious why she's meant to have a mysterious air about her (being both an assassin from an elusive "town", to her pretty much being an almost expressionless person) you might be wondering "But Yanzou is, if maybe a bit perverted, a lovable oaf! He's not mysterious, he's --here you add your favorite adjective(s) of course--."

But, you are forgetting that, when Yanzou was introduced, he was this guy who would do ambiguous things, like throw a sword at Karenina, and look like he's going to cleave Mint Whelp in half.

Of course, I guess it was obvious from the very beginning he was a good guy, but, I at least tried to give that whole "He's a mysterious guy, ooohhh." feeling around him.

And, in a sense, I guess Minouzu was meant to be mysterious too. After all, he's a guy that came from the future! :D

...I almost forgot! Riki, who has the same type of eyes, was, too, introduced as a mysterious sort of firey lizard in the Dragon Town Chapter.

It's almost like we (me and Sdragon) planned it... but everyone who knows me knows that I don't plan anything at all :D


Long Gone are thee, Haloscan

Yeah... Seems that we will no longer have a proper chatbox comment thing.
So, I guess I'll use this as a sort of Newspost. Guess we can still go around commenting about other stuff that is not about the news at hand.

Since the only way everyone can comment without registering to blogspot is to admit all comments, including anonymous ones, I'll have to moderate the posts so no weird shenanigans happen. Hopefully, this won't cause much trouble, and makes sure I read all the comments. So, don't panic if you don't see your comment immediately posted.

Also, expect a votereward on the 1st of March!