Final Gala Minicomi Votereward!

I know... it looks a bit too rushed... But, had I planned to go with a natural segue of things, I'd have ended up with about 7 comic pages instead of just 5 --and supposedly, it was going to be 4 pages long only, this minicomic-- I guess I'll make it up for you somehow... again.

...Aside of a few minor setbacks, everything is OK in my living life. May God bless you all indeed, my readers. I'd never ask for other readers, indeed.



We are almost done with Gala's happiest of happy romps ever!

WARNING: If you, for some reason are easily offended at making fun of lawyers or Margaret Thatcher, maybe this votereward isn't for you. :D

Everything OK on my side. Nothing much to report.



As the title says. You have to see it to believe, though, I guess.



Sorry, guys, this one is slightly NSFW... Mainly because it shows a character performing a typical Magical Girl Transformation.

In other certain news, I'm trying to get back my faith in God. Lately, I've been seeing many things, that are indeed unexplainable to my feeble mind. So, I decided to brush up the old yet slightly renewed faith and find answers there.

Now, let's leave this topic alone. I don't want people discussing religion, nor politics nor sports in here. I just... well, didn't know what to put as a "currently, in my life.." that happened to be either cheery enough, or not too depressing. :d

I could also have shut up about it, I guess. Anyways!

Certain sources aka, the guy who writes the good and cool stuff that happens in the comic, has stated his opinion that magical girls aren't exactly within the scope of the comic... And I should agree. It would be ill advised to add even more characters now that the comic is about halfway through, me thinks :D So, yeah, no magical girl shenanigans for you --in this comic, at least--

I guess you can always enjoy Gala's magical happy romp with them gals while clicking on the votereward. But... ehh... next time, I should tone down the fanservice a bit. I mean, I don't want to get people in trouble, after all.


Lessons learned

I learned valuable lessons while doing this newest votereward:

A) I can't draw cute clothings, even if my life depended on it.

B) I can't really design magical girl-esque characters. You know, the type that are stereotypical to the genre.

C) I should not draw stuffs at work, since I don't have my inkers there, and any and all attempts at inking later are... very unsuccesful :p

D) Next time I should draw backgrounds :p

Oh well, hope you people still enjoy my sketchy dealings in Gala's happy romp with the... eh...


Hey, after you read the votereward, why not come with a name for them? Who knows, maybe, if people like their designs, we can add them in the comic :d