New Votereward?

Yeps! There will be a new votereward next month, a soon as it begins (Well, barring some issues with the time zones, of course)!

Buuuut, just a heads up.

Due to me getting a big amount of work to do recently (i.e. just yesterday), the Votereward button may not get updated with the newest pic preview.

BUT TRUST ME, 100%, the votereward has been queued. But, the problem is, I can't (or dunno) how to queue the votereward button image, meaning that, if I'm not there to update it myself, well, it just won't update.

So, yeah, votereward will be up and ready, button, probably not.

Oh yeah, you can totally use this space to cast your preferences or votes in terms of who should graze the votereward. AAAND, ask stuffs about the comic in general and in particular. If the answer is incredibly long --or rambly-- I can make it a new topic for this here blog/news/thingamajigster.

Well, may God bless you all people, and may I keep still buffering the comic up a bit :)