So I herd you din't get a January votereward...

Also, that maybe you liek mudkips, but, unfortunately, you don't get 'em either.

So, yeah, January, I couldn't get enough time to do votereward... Wished I could blame work, but apparently, other comic artist have full-time jobs AND draw comics on time. Bet they be all going on TARDIS back in time. TARIDSes? TARDIS's?

Anyways. Here is the deal: Next month and until the month ends, or until people stops suggesting characters, I'll make the RULE 63 month!

For those of you who aren't privvy to these internet rules thingamajig, the gist of rule 63 is that, for any character out there, there is an opposite gender version of it.

SOOOO, if you'd like to see the opposite gender version of a character of the Mint Whelp Saga webcomic, you can suggest them RIGHT here, in this post.

Some considerations, though:

-No Karenina rule 63'd. That would be the Slayer, basically. :p
Some considerations, though:

-If you get only a sketch from your suggestion, I'm afraid that that's all you'll get. I haven't got that much time nowadays

-The votereward will be updated weekly, so, please be gentle if I miss a deadline :p

Now, be suggesting stuffs.