Bob's your uncle!

And so am I. :D :)


Holy carp!

I just saw it.

This last chapter, the one with Jaime and stuff, lasted 327 pages.

That would be a full year, almost, if I had updated the comic every day.

I find it that people often complain when an arc lasts a full year in webcomics.I mean, not you guys, since you like to pamper me a lot (thank u :3) but, I guess if I had a far more criticizing fanbase, they'd have burned me alive for this.

If not for ALL them missed days.

If not for my attitude at everything.

If not for the fact that my art is awful and amateurish.

... But yeah, hopefully, this chapter will be fun enough!

--Sees Mimi is in it, whom most people dislike--



So... The comic of the 31st of August.

I dunno what happened, but it happened.

Also, sorry if anyone wanted to show this comic to his family and now can't, due to the badly drawn nudity.

Also, sorry for those who expect more badly drawn nudity, cuz there'll be no more.

Also, yeah, I'm probably a huge, disgusting, fat, slobbering, basement-dwelling pervert... I mean, you been reading the comic right? Thought that was sorta a given.

Again, so sorry.




I know, it's several days late.... like, 30 days late.

I had lotsa studffs to do and lotsa spaghetti.

I'll try to have tyhe comic up-tp-date in about 2 weeks time, not counting this one :D

In the meantime, vote for tyhe comic, and tell us if you like the new colouring style I used there! :d :d :d :d

And more :d :d :d hor good measure.


I will need your help!

Help me raise the money to pay for my granparent's 35th wedding anniversary!

...I know, I should apologize. My comic output has left a lot to be desired... and yet, here I am, trying to bleed you out.

I have reasons fro my current low in comic output, which I'll be talking about once I've dealt with it. But, yes, it has wee bit to do with my job.

The thing is, I do win enough, but I'm at work from morning to night, with 1-hour of traffic between my home and work. Being tired doesn't help me work on the comics that much, or with as much enthusiasm as I wished. About the other thing, well, I'll talk about it later on.


I bought my parents their wedding rings, and I was going to be done with it, but, well, my brother is about to have a baby, and I doubt he'll be able to give as much money as he was going to --I mean, I guess he could and would, but I don't want to burden him too much--. I could ask help from the rest of the family, but, they wouldn't be able to give that much money either. And of course, it would be ridiculous to ask my parent's to pay for their own wedding anniversary party.

I know, I know, people will say "you and your parents will have to learn to live with what you got" and, yes, I'm willing to accept that destiny. But, no one said anything about me not trying to at least try to fight.

So, any dollar you can donate for our cause will be greatly appreciated.

AAND, just to sweeten the deal, whomever donates 5 dollars will get a sketch from me, of one character --yours or mine, preferably-- of your choice

I know, I know, my art is horrid, but hey, I guess you could use it for many things, like, showing kids how not to draw, or as a motivational poster "I may have problems, but at least I don't draw like that" sort of thing. Many many things!

Of course, the only rule is that, since I'll still be showing them in Deviant Art, it should be within the rules of safe for work, or at least not pornographic, ye know.

So, yeah, any help is appreciated. I'll try to do as much as I can from here, but I'll really appreciate your help.

Thanks for hearing--reading-- me out. May God bless your lives, for he is Great and Amazing.



I know I sound whiny, mainly because my art is horrendous... but man, my job does take a lot of time out of my making of comics.

Anyways, the votereward that was meant to appear the past month :p

Sorry, sorry sorry        orz



Now that I got your attention...


I know... I've been awful with the updates... Silly job, taking all day and night of my life.

... Ack.


So I herd you din't get a January votereward...

Also, that maybe you liek mudkips, but, unfortunately, you don't get 'em either.

So, yeah, January, I couldn't get enough time to do votereward... Wished I could blame work, but apparently, other comic artist have full-time jobs AND draw comics on time. Bet they be all going on TARDIS back in time. TARIDSes? TARDIS's?

Anyways. Here is the deal: Next month and until the month ends, or until people stops suggesting characters, I'll make the RULE 63 month!

For those of you who aren't privvy to these internet rules thingamajig, the gist of rule 63 is that, for any character out there, there is an opposite gender version of it.

SOOOO, if you'd like to see the opposite gender version of a character of the Mint Whelp Saga webcomic, you can suggest them RIGHT here, in this post.

Some considerations, though:

-No Karenina rule 63'd. That would be the Slayer, basically. :p
Some considerations, though:

-If you get only a sketch from your suggestion, I'm afraid that that's all you'll get. I haven't got that much time nowadays

-The votereward will be updated weekly, so, please be gentle if I miss a deadline :p

Now, be suggesting stuffs.