Yeah, the reason I've been late with the comics, aside of personal stuffs, is that I'll be, from now onwards, within the world of people that have a job.

Sooo, expect comics to be late every once in a while, and any projects regarding books and stuffs postponed until... well, until I have any free time to spend that is not focused on comicses. :p

Expect this week's Friday's comic to be on time though.... Yaaaay :d :d :d



Comic will be late for a while. Had several social stuffs I had to attend to, and I couldn't do comic this weekend.

I long for the days we had buffer _:(



This time it has 3 characters dressed.... In not their usual costumes!!!

Ah... Aside of work making it hard to be up-to-date with the comic, everything is just fine.

So, what do you people think of the current chapter? You can tell me you love it. You can tell me you hate it. You can tell me I should stop living.

I, well, think the chapter has gone a bit too long, but chalk it up to me not being able to tell how long a chapter has gone on due to me basically drawing as the day comes :p



You know the drill, we got a new votereward, please vote, we are so lonely and needy.

Also, changed the blog design! Tell me if it is too confusing or something. I kind of find it confusing, but then again, I'm a terribly old man.

Someday in October, I get a birthday. Soooo... I dunno, guess I'll do a pic to commemorate the event, like, someday :D



Sorry I haven't been updating the comic properly on time, but... well, let's say that having to return home at 23:00 PM and having to wake up at 4:00 AM to cook foodness for the family isn't exactly doing wonders to my schedule.

ANYWAYS! You ain't reading this just to hear my whine! You want to know when will I stop with this Fechi-to-human trend the voterewards are having, no? Welp, only one more month of this and we will be off to greener pastures :d

This tme though, I'll let you guess who the person in the current votereward is: You won't know, mainly because she hasn't been properly introduced yet! I AM A CHEATERING BASTARD! MWA HAH HAH HAH!!!

...I need some sleep.


So... yeah...

The reason I was late with the comic is that my PC suffered a breakdown. While this sometimes happens, unfortunately, this time it happened when I have no buffer to cover for those terrible days.

I'll make it up to you somehow. I just need some free time. And time to myself, too.



This time you'll never guess who they are. Come on, guess. Guess. Guess.

Anyways, Many things have happened... But, the most important one is: They cancelled the MegaMan Legends 3 Project. Capcom says that the fans weren't showing enough enthusiasm about it.

I guess they kinda expected to suddenly sell it and cause hype like their most sellable titles. I guess they didn't understand that, basically being a cult classic, MegaMan Legends 3 was pretty much being made for a niche of fans, rather than for the mainstream. It is an understandable position; when it comes to industries shelling out mad cash, you want to get a profit.

BUT, that is not the same thing as "the fans weren't showing enough enthusiasm". Unless they wanted the niche of fans to go around murdering people as sacrifices to Mega Man Legends 3, I believe that people voting for designs, offering ideas on gameplay they want to see, submitting enemies and NPC's design and so forth does mean that the fans were showing enthusiasm.

Theeen again, I'm usually starving for attention like a hungry kid, so I may not be seeing it in the proper context and size.

Ah well, I poured my two wood cents, and, realized I won't have to buy a 3DS anymore :p


Aaahhh!!! I just realized something!

The current Chapter is, as I'm typing this, 150 comic pages long. It is at 23 comic pages from beting the longest chapter in this comic --which is the whole thing with Jerred going through the mountains to meet his Dad and get his new sword, AKA Chapter 13: A Hero's Ordeals--

Aaaand, I have yet to solve any of the plot points of this chapter :p. I could be cheap and crack this Chapter in two parts... But, that would mess up with some bits of schedule.

So, I guess I'll make this chapter pick up on the pace, unless you are really enjoying this chapter :p.



Augh... So much work and no play makes this comic author... be late with the votereward.

Next time I'll try to be slightly less late than this time :D

Oh yeah, the votereward, has my two favorite red-headed gals from the comic The Elven and The MintWhelp Saga!!!



Yup. This time is a SURRRPRISE!

Guess who they are and win... well... nothing, since I got no money. But I gues I accept requests :D



Would you people forgive me if I had grayscaled comics only for a while?

Seems life has gotten in the way seriously, and I only have a week of buffer at most, and too many things to do to feed it properly :(

By the way, it would help me a lot if you went to this wee page http://pepetz.com/category/pepetzfriends/ and vote for my friends design, Guanaljuato.

Please do, or esle, I might get assassinated, Assassin Trio style, even :D


¿Me perdonarian si hiciera comics en gris por un buen rato?

He estado ocupado en cosas de la vida, y a duras penas tengo tiempo para hacer comics. :D



Sorry the votereward is so late... Since I lost a little bit of blood in my surgery, it seems that a virus managed to enter my system, leaving me with a cold and sore throat. I know it is a virus, since the antbiotic the doctor gave to me is pretty strong indeed, and this, the possibilities of it being an infection are kinda low.

So, yeah, I'm sick, but otherwise OK, All thanks to God.

So, how's it going on your sides? Been checking the facebook page?

I'll give you a reminder, since the guy who did the page has more money than I do, and therefore, has more possibilities of sending assassins if I don't remind you about the page.


EDIT: And now, I find out I owe you people a pic for the page reaching 27 followers! Oh boy :D



Someone made a Faceboo page about the comic... Guess you can click, IF you are brave.




OK, I can finally tell ye, people. I got my wisdom teeth removed, plus, had my lower jaw checked for possible trouble with my lower wisdom teeth, which happened to grow sorta horizontal --diagonal?--.

Thanks to God in Heaven, them wisdom teeth in the upper side got removed nicely... And the lower jaw ones haven't caused much complications, which is indeed a Blessing!

I hope I'll be in good enough health to continue doing 'em comics for your enjoyment people. God willing, of course.


Final Gala Minicomi Votereward!

I know... it looks a bit too rushed... But, had I planned to go with a natural segue of things, I'd have ended up with about 7 comic pages instead of just 5 --and supposedly, it was going to be 4 pages long only, this minicomic-- I guess I'll make it up for you somehow... again.

...Aside of a few minor setbacks, everything is OK in my living life. May God bless you all indeed, my readers. I'd never ask for other readers, indeed.



We are almost done with Gala's happiest of happy romps ever!

WARNING: If you, for some reason are easily offended at making fun of lawyers or Margaret Thatcher, maybe this votereward isn't for you. :D

Everything OK on my side. Nothing much to report.



As the title says. You have to see it to believe, though, I guess.



Sorry, guys, this one is slightly NSFW... Mainly because it shows a character performing a typical Magical Girl Transformation.

In other certain news, I'm trying to get back my faith in God. Lately, I've been seeing many things, that are indeed unexplainable to my feeble mind. So, I decided to brush up the old yet slightly renewed faith and find answers there.

Now, let's leave this topic alone. I don't want people discussing religion, nor politics nor sports in here. I just... well, didn't know what to put as a "currently, in my life.." that happened to be either cheery enough, or not too depressing. :d

I could also have shut up about it, I guess. Anyways!

Certain sources aka, the guy who writes the good and cool stuff that happens in the comic, has stated his opinion that magical girls aren't exactly within the scope of the comic... And I should agree. It would be ill advised to add even more characters now that the comic is about halfway through, me thinks :D So, yeah, no magical girl shenanigans for you --in this comic, at least--

I guess you can always enjoy Gala's magical happy romp with them gals while clicking on the votereward. But... ehh... next time, I should tone down the fanservice a bit. I mean, I don't want to get people in trouble, after all.


Lessons learned

I learned valuable lessons while doing this newest votereward:

A) I can't draw cute clothings, even if my life depended on it.

B) I can't really design magical girl-esque characters. You know, the type that are stereotypical to the genre.

C) I should not draw stuffs at work, since I don't have my inkers there, and any and all attempts at inking later are... very unsuccesful :p

D) Next time I should draw backgrounds :p

Oh well, hope you people still enjoy my sketchy dealings in Gala's happy romp with the... eh...


Hey, after you read the votereward, why not come with a name for them? Who knows, maybe, if people like their designs, we can add them in the comic :d


Well, oh well... VOTEREWARD ISSUES

Once again, I forgot my Webcomic List password. And, once again, it seems they are taking longer than expected to send me the new password.

SO! You get to see the votereward from here:


Once I get my password back, I'll upload it to the webcomic list votereward thingamajig.

Aand, to make it up to you, next month, I'll upload a sketch every week. But not just any sketches... It will feature a cool and absolutely weird and hillarious idea I heard at Deviant Art.

I'll post a sketchy minicomic story on what would happen if Gala was a magical girl :D Or, to be more specific, if she was invited to become part of a "magical girl" group.

Don't worry, it will be worth your time :D



The votereward WILL INDEED be a tad late. I'll be honest with you. Insomnia Episodes (ie. me being unable to sleep, not me seeing a tv show called Insomnia), plus an interesting comic I was reading, equals... Well, it equals a comic author that is both sleepy, unable to work properly at his current job, and hasn't drawn any proper votereward :p

Guess if you feel a character hasn't received any Votereward love, you can suggest him/her/it now.

The comic doingness is going a bit slow, yet steady. I seem to have a bit of both mental and physical health now. Things are going pretty nice now. Indeed, thank you God, indeed.

Also. SPARTAN FIGHT! Hope the fight is good enough to keep you interested in Erytus. Or that he will at least spark some interest about him.

See you in the future, my 13 readers!



Good news and bad news, people. Good news, my tooth is still in my mouth. Bad news, there's a 50-50 chance of either getting or not getting a root canal, depending on how my tooth reacts to a few treatments.

But good grief! I didn't lose it. You have no idea of how happy I feel right now. THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU CHRIST FOR THIS!

I'm sooo very happy indeed!


Freakitty Yay...

Yeops, my molar tooth is busted. I just checked it on a mirror and it has a cavity so large you can put all of America in there and still have space for a few more countries. I'm not sure how my tooth hasn't collapsed unto itself and created a Black Hole that absorbs everything on its path.

Anyways, I'll have to get an appointment for the dentist. IF I'm lucky, I may not lose my tooth --not very possible, since I was close to losing it a few years ago. If I'm unlucky, I'll probably need some surgery, which I'll take a long, loong while to pay, even when I have a sort of stable job nowadays.

In both cases, since the place I was born in is Mexico, it means that either process --cavity filling or surgery-- will be extra painful. And, I have a high tolerance to pain, but last time someone took out a couple of my molars, it hurt like someone transported hell into my mouth.

I guess I'll have to accept the loss of my tooth. God willing, I may not have to lose it, but, as I have said before, it is a very very unlikely scenario.

AAAAGH!!! I hate all these interruptions to my creative processes. I no longer have the impressive girth of my 6 month buffer, now it being reduced to a mere 2 months. The last thing I need is to be detained a longer time.

Sigh... I know that nobody wants to read all this stressing stuff, but, it sort of gives me some venting out. I guess I'm not as tough ugly macho as I'm meant to be, but, believe me, when I feel pain, it pretty much means a normal person would be screaming in agony.

And I'm both in pain, AND highly stressed.



Thank God for my mother. I talked to her last night, and she calmed me a little bit about, well, everything that was worrying me. I still have a few things to worry about -specially about my tooth which still sort of kind of hurts- but at least, should things come to worst, I know I have my family' support.

If your mother is just as half as good as mine, you do owe her a present or a small token of your appreciation. Or at least visit her and tell her how much you love her.

OK, I'm out. Hope to talk about more cheerful things soon!



Sorry for not updating the comic's votereward on time, folks, but I forgot my webcomic list password, and they send it about 12 hours ago, while I was at work. I'd offer one extra votereward to make up for it, but, I believe THIS new votereward will be worth the wait.

I've had a few anxiety issues for like, 3 days now, and it seems they won't stop for a while. I'll try to make sure they won't hinder the comic doingness too much, but, still, man, this one is tough. I prefer my happy-go-lucky, no-cares-about the-far-future self, rather than the one that worries that his unclean teeth, his eating habits or his lack of a nice job will destroy him in the future.

BUT, I drank some calming tea, so I think I can function properly for a few seconds. Which means, I'll use said seconds to talk about the comic:

Who are those three defying Gala? What kind of evil powers do they have? And... uh... will they have a recurring appereance contract? Why do I add so many characters? When will I stop?

These and some questions may be answered... In the futuuuure. Or is it, fuuuuuture?



Yope, even though I haven't changed the button, the votereward has changed. Take a look see if you don't believe me!

The New Year's celebrations were crazy, plus me being sick with the flu means that I couldn't change the vote button. I'll get on it on Sunday :D

The comic will probably have 3 more years of life, before we reach the end. So, since this is a new year and all... What do you expect to see in this year, and maybe future years? What do you expect from the comic plot?

And... a most important note to you, my 13 readers: Truly, I appreciate your support. While finishing the MWS comic would indeed happen eventually, it does renew my vigor to know that not only me and Sdragon like the comic enough to keep reading it.

Thank you from the MWS Team! Which only comprises of two people... can that be still called a team?

Guess time and a dictionary will tell.