Sorry, so sorry, I know I'm late with the votereward, I have no excuses, but at least I'm getting enough money to pay for small gifts for my family this Xmas. You may say "gifts shouldn't be that important" but it is the one time I have enough saved to tell my family "here, a small token of my gratitude to you."

Therefore, I guess I owe you a pic. BUT, not just any pic, this time, you get to choose what kind of pic you get! Depending on complexity, though, I might have it done for January, if I have it sooner, it'll be posted as soon as I finish it.

Feed me your ideas, and lessee what happens :D

Anyways, about the votereward: Who is that white Fechi on a tank? You'll find out... as soon as I get to re-do the second chapter of the comic... So many things to do, so very little time :D


Wednesday, 10th of Novemeber, 2010. Miguel, the catperson that swore revenge on Slayer is back! And he just saved everyone's bacon! What will he do next???

You... you rmemeber him right?... From the catfolk city chapter? Yes?


Anyways, nothing to report, unless you want me to either tell you how busy I've been or what will the next votereward will be about (Hint: Lizards)



If you are reading this at 2:30 AM, then you'll get a new votereward! Otherwise, you'll still see the old votereward. I left the new vote button up because, well, I want to get some sleep, and I can't do that if I'm waiting for 2:30 AM to hit so I can upload it :p

But, hopefully, the preview of the button will give you an idea of what to expect.

Also, I saw the new design of the new heroine for MML3... IT LOOKS PRETTY COOL! It was actually my favorite character design, along with Keiji Inafune's design.

I assume you do know what am I talking about, but just in case: http://capcom-unity.com/devroom

Go see if yer interested to follow the antics of 'em developers. I'm putting it in my fave links :p


Gahhhh, gahhhh, gahhhh!!!

At the time this blog was posted: OMG! Owen is back! I wonder what kind of crazy shenanigans will he do? Will he invite the party to a bread roll jam contest? Maybe embroidery contest? See what happens... next comic page :D

On different topics: What would you like to see for the next votereward? Let's hear what you've got to suggest!


OMG! A very polemic topic in MWS!!!

Not in the comic, of course. Those will come later :D

Actually, there was a little tidbit of information I thought I could share with you. And it's about religion. And, I want to get it out of the way right now: If this somehow devolves on some sort of "My way of thinking is better" or things like that, I'll tell you to stop, roll, and keep quiet. Anyways...

Did you know, that along the many things that were cut out the very first drafts of the MWS --along with MW having wings and animal like paws, Karenina and Yanzou still working as mercenaries and performing rather vile acts before meeting MW, Magic coming inside capsules, etc-- was a tidbit about religions existing in the MWS world? And that they'd take a great deal on the story?

Yes, I know what you'll say: "But there must be religions in the MWS world! They have a 'Teaspoon of the Goddess' and Bob in the MintWhelp Rants!" and you are right. Gods do exist in the MWS world, but, if you'll stop interrupting me, I'll get on explaining the original ideas on religion in the MWS world.

There were going to be 3 major religions in the MWS world. They had no names at the times of the drafting, but I had them identified by ideology: The religion of Good Stuff, Better Stuff, and Best Stuff. Each one thanked a different deity on their own way:

Good Stuff religion thought that there were good things around the world.

Better Stuff, same idea, except you put "better" instead of "good" in the paragraph above.

And, the Best Stuff religion thought that things where already their best, and that we should thank God for finding things we found pleasant.

And people fought over these similar, yet slightly different ways to view the world! Imagine that.

I know what you'll say: "Those are not religions at all!". And, I know. That's why I had second thoughts about that idea. To have a religion, one must have a deity, epiphanies, manuscripts (most of the time), witnesses, etcetera to be considered as such. And, well, back then, I didn't have the attention span to do such things; the idea was entirely dropped when a certain character came to be.

For the second part of the MintWhelp Saga, I plan to explain the existance of the gods and goddesses that, at least once upon a time, existed in the MWS World. In fact, that part will also explain how come a dragons, catfolk and humans can have hybrid children instead of terrifying malformed monsters. :D

And, if things go well, it will explain, too, why the MWS barely has any mention about religion. Aside of my lazyness, and, others may say, "lack of committment to create a fully-fleshed world".



This time... It has what the other 400 readers of this comic --who happen to be all imaginary, by the way-- wanted! More males, and more scalyness! So, they get some Fechi Warrior goodness!

Then again, maybe they wanted to see Slayer. Oh well.

So, what to talk about... Aside of the fact that I've been in a sort of an art block --mainly caused by the fact I haven't been able to focus on drawing, because of games and gamingness-- there's nothing much to report.

I have a few things planned here and there, but, I must be able to conquer this lazyness before I can do them. Thank God for the existance of buffers, and my almost OCD-ish tendency to keep 'em sturdy, or else, we'd have some serious gaps in updates right about now.

But, in the meantime, you'll get to enjoy, very soon, a very short, but very action packed scenes soon. Juuust you wait.

Actually, yes, you'll wait, because there will be a small training montage and stuff like that first. :D


Talking about Stuff #1

Wow, this took a bit of time to do. Chalk it to me being unable to sleep or work on the redoing of chapter 2 until I could sleep. :D

So, this time, we will talk about... The Card Game! Oh man. I have neglected that one for a long time...

But first, a bit of history. Back in the days when the art of the comic was worse than it is now --yep, it's possible!-- I was both obsessed with Card Games, and obsessed with having people have a sort of different experiences about the comic. And so, the idea of the card game was born.

Sdragon, being both the genius of tactics that he is, and being the only guy who happens to have awesome ideas all the time, helped me flesh out the rules of the card game. I just added pictures that, back then, I thought qualified as good enough to put on the cards. And, since the thing had pretty pics about the characters, I decided to use 'em in the cast section of the site.

So, the short-lived experiment on card gaming begun... and ended. Mainly, because we were doing this stuff in the MWS forums --yeps, we do have a forum!-- and, I'm well known in the world at large for having trouble keeping my focus on foruming --and keeping focus on many things at a time, too-- And, the thing certainly required me to be constantly there, modding and stuff, while also drawing the comic pages. I'm bad at multitasking!!:p

I do want to re-do the card game project... in terms of art, of course. But, every time I think about it, a different project appears... like, redoing the second chapter of the comic.

But, believe me, I'll someday, SOMEHOW finish that project. Even if it takes all my focus powers to do so.


EDIT: See, it's like I got a mild case of ADD. So, what should we talk about next? Do tell me!


New Votereward!

Man, seems I only use this blog to tell you about new voterewards, huh? But, I guess it can't be helped. Anyways, this votereward is simple, yet, there's something I like a lot about it; maybe it's the colouring, what do you think?

Aside of my insomnia episodes, and a few events that have sapped my inspiration a little bit, everything is sort of OK. I'll be working soon on redoing the second chapter of the comic: "The Fechi Valley"!

This one sure requires some major overhauls, not only because of the "MintWhelp Rant" part (done back in the days my scanner was useless because of me changing operating systems), but also, because of the Fechies themselves.

You see, we ended up having a few Fechi characters that are now important to the plot, and I was told it would be better if we reference them a bit in this "first appereance of the Fechies" chapter; so, some rewriting will be done to that effect. And, of course, I'll try to have jokes that actually try to make sense, and just slightly better artwork than in the original pages.

On sort of unrelated news, I also found a game-maker engine that I may use in the event I make a MWS2 game. Don't hold your breath on that one, though, as I still have to learn how to use it properly, scribble a story, maybe make custom sprites, etcetera, etcetera; and, as people that know me can tell you, I have problems with even the most simple technical stuff, so making a game (even with a game-making engine) might be a bit beyond my ken.

One final note: I guess we could try having you people that comment suggest a topic I could talk about in this blog. Since it's only four people now, I guess we can somehow manage for one or two topics :D. How about it?


Another Votereward for you!

As the title suggest.

Nothing much to talk about; just that I've had some insomnia episodes and comic production is going sloooow.


New Votereward

A new Votereward will appear about two hours after this post is up. Chalk it up to difference of timelines between topwebcomics and me.

It has Jerred in a Mint Dragoon armor! Unfortunately, my drawing skills can't measure up to such an awesome idea. Sorry to disappoint.

So, any comments about the arc so far? Too slow? Too fast? You hate it? You hate me because of it? You want to stalk me and cut me into pieces? Do you want to transfom me into a cubist work of art to redeem me for all the scrawlings I have done so far? Maybe skin me off, use my skin for your art, my blood for your paint and my bone and meat for your meal?

Is it obvious I'm playing with the words in this blog to see what kind of advertisement comes out below?

But, anyways, do tell me your opinions about the story so far :p


Ahhh, what on earth...

I'm posting a link to 21st May 2010's comic page, since it seems Comicgenesis auto-updater is acting up again :D


So... uhmn, yeah, how's 'em Chicago Bears?


The Votereward has... changed...

It changed into something... something slightly different... it has no tentacles or other appendages, yet it moves quickly throughout the wold.

You'll see MintWhelp's possible design for the second part of the MW Saga. I don't know what plot it would have, what characters would come back... heck, even the existance of a second part s doubtful. But there is Mint Whelp, as he'd look on this hypothetical second part.

Who knows, maybe next time I show a "MW's possible future design" he'll be wearing a red tutu, a giant disco-ball collar, and high-heel stillettos. Ew.


Nothing much to report, except...

I changed the Votereward... I... didn't like how the Karenina and IK pic turned out :/


Oh yeah, before I forget.

Read Axe Cop if you haven't. Read it. Read it now. Please... There's a freaking Unicorn Avocado!! You'll at least have some fun reading it, I guarantee.


New votereward and...

Well, we got a new votereward --even though the votereward will update a few hours after this post is made, but oh well. Good thing: I tried to use a different colouring technique. Bad thing: I didn't accomplish any sexyness in this pic, like, at all.

Anyways... The reason I wanted to have this votereward done sooner, was because my brother got married last week, which meant I needed to be available at any moment's notice --helping with carrying stuff, mainly--, and I can't do that while debating what kind of pic I want for the votereward, you see. I'm bad at multitasking, hah hah hah.

On to other subjects... How do you like the fight so far? I'm not confident enough to show great naval or sky fighting --nor should I be confident to do any kind of fights, by most people's standards-- but it's getting there, isn't it? Well, at least those who are fans of Minouzu --yes, all two of them, me included-- will get to see him pulling some moves out of nowhere, in a cool way. Also, those who are fans of Riki and Timelson will get to see some cool fighting scenes from them.

AND!!! At the end of the chapter!! A disturbing REVEAL!!! That people saw coming a mile away!!!

Good things in the future, indeed.


Votereward ideas! Your help needed!

Indeed! Because I want to have it done earlier this time!

Let's do it this way, give me the name of two characters and a feeling... For Example, MintWhelp, Karenina, scary would net you a pic of MW and Karenina in a scary situation, and so on.

Uh... nothing much to say this time, the sea battle will be still on for a while, after all. :D


It seems a sea battle is on, now!

Poor MintWhelp. Hope the enemies don't open his sides or something. Could get messy.

Anyways, talking time! Monster Horde Leader and Random Caterpillar are always fun to write, mainly because they get into the most bizarre situations possible. Also, MHL is SO the tragic villian; sure, his tragedies amount to "getting laughed at by his minions" and "getting so big he can't fit in his bathing suit", not to mention "getting a wound on a hard to explain place" and, most importantly, "being defeated by a mostly defenseless dragon cub", but, to him, they were life-changing tragedies, indeed. If not, he wouldn't be going around all over creation in order to defeat Mint Whelp, right?

RCP (Random Caterpillar; the extra P is for PIE) is fun to write because of his obsessive nature. First, stalking MintWhelp's party, nowadays, stalking Vessee. I'm not saying that stalkers are funny (they are NOT) but, the fun part about RCP's stalker...hood, uh... stalkingness... stalking behaviour is more on the fact that he's, most of the time, completely ineffectual at it.

Funny thing about RCP is that, if he where a more serious villian, he'd be incredibly dangerous. I mean, he's been able to convince Monster Horde Leader, a spider, Boxnoxox, and, now, a nest of wasps to help him(OK, convince is too strong a word on that last scenario, but they are kind of working under him now) . He's also a treacherous bastard that won't mind backstabbing you if it completes his purposes somehow. Add the stalker behaviour and his capability to eventually metamorphosize into a winged being, and you got one scary evil being, indeed!

And now, we introduce the Elite Wasp Force, the Baron 5. Right now, they are just some wasps, but, hopefully, I'll be able to depict these characters properly as the chapter unfolds.

Oh well, see ye!


New Votereward!!

You know where to vote people. In fact, I'll wait a while until you do...

... ... ...

Done? No?

... ... ...

OK, you are done now. If you are wondering, "Why Minouzu, Gala and Yanzou in the same pic? Well, it's because of their eyes. Hopefully, I'm not such a bad artist that their eyes all look different in shape :p

With Minouzu, it is easy to see why he has those eyes: He's (SPOILER!) Yanzou's offspring, which means he has to share some resemblance to his father --Though, I guess he looks more like his mother, indeed--

Now, why Yanzou and Gala have the same shape of eyes? Nope, it's not because Yanzou is Gala's gradson or something --it would be a fun contrivance, but no-- It's because, well... Those eyes give off an air of mystery around them, don't they?

Indeed, while Gala is quite obvious why she's meant to have a mysterious air about her (being both an assassin from an elusive "town", to her pretty much being an almost expressionless person) you might be wondering "But Yanzou is, if maybe a bit perverted, a lovable oaf! He's not mysterious, he's --here you add your favorite adjective(s) of course--."

But, you are forgetting that, when Yanzou was introduced, he was this guy who would do ambiguous things, like throw a sword at Karenina, and look like he's going to cleave Mint Whelp in half.

Of course, I guess it was obvious from the very beginning he was a good guy, but, I at least tried to give that whole "He's a mysterious guy, ooohhh." feeling around him.

And, in a sense, I guess Minouzu was meant to be mysterious too. After all, he's a guy that came from the future! :D

...I almost forgot! Riki, who has the same type of eyes, was, too, introduced as a mysterious sort of firey lizard in the Dragon Town Chapter.

It's almost like we (me and Sdragon) planned it... but everyone who knows me knows that I don't plan anything at all :D


Long Gone are thee, Haloscan

Yeah... Seems that we will no longer have a proper chatbox comment thing.
So, I guess I'll use this as a sort of Newspost. Guess we can still go around commenting about other stuff that is not about the news at hand.

Since the only way everyone can comment without registering to blogspot is to admit all comments, including anonymous ones, I'll have to moderate the posts so no weird shenanigans happen. Hopefully, this won't cause much trouble, and makes sure I read all the comments. So, don't panic if you don't see your comment immediately posted.

Also, expect a votereward on the 1st of March!