Sorry I haven't been updating the comic properly on time, but... well, let's say that having to return home at 23:00 PM and having to wake up at 4:00 AM to cook foodness for the family isn't exactly doing wonders to my schedule.

ANYWAYS! You ain't reading this just to hear my whine! You want to know when will I stop with this Fechi-to-human trend the voterewards are having, no? Welp, only one more month of this and we will be off to greener pastures :d

This tme though, I'll let you guess who the person in the current votereward is: You won't know, mainly because she hasn't been properly introduced yet! I AM A CHEATERING BASTARD! MWA HAH HAH HAH!!!

...I need some sleep.


So... yeah...

The reason I was late with the comic is that my PC suffered a breakdown. While this sometimes happens, unfortunately, this time it happened when I have no buffer to cover for those terrible days.

I'll make it up to you somehow. I just need some free time. And time to myself, too.



This time you'll never guess who they are. Come on, guess. Guess. Guess.

Anyways, Many things have happened... But, the most important one is: They cancelled the MegaMan Legends 3 Project. Capcom says that the fans weren't showing enough enthusiasm about it.

I guess they kinda expected to suddenly sell it and cause hype like their most sellable titles. I guess they didn't understand that, basically being a cult classic, MegaMan Legends 3 was pretty much being made for a niche of fans, rather than for the mainstream. It is an understandable position; when it comes to industries shelling out mad cash, you want to get a profit.

BUT, that is not the same thing as "the fans weren't showing enough enthusiasm". Unless they wanted the niche of fans to go around murdering people as sacrifices to Mega Man Legends 3, I believe that people voting for designs, offering ideas on gameplay they want to see, submitting enemies and NPC's design and so forth does mean that the fans were showing enthusiasm.

Theeen again, I'm usually starving for attention like a hungry kid, so I may not be seeing it in the proper context and size.

Ah well, I poured my two wood cents, and, realized I won't have to buy a 3DS anymore :p