The votereward WILL INDEED be a tad late. I'll be honest with you. Insomnia Episodes (ie. me being unable to sleep, not me seeing a tv show called Insomnia), plus an interesting comic I was reading, equals... Well, it equals a comic author that is both sleepy, unable to work properly at his current job, and hasn't drawn any proper votereward :p

Guess if you feel a character hasn't received any Votereward love, you can suggest him/her/it now.

The comic doingness is going a bit slow, yet steady. I seem to have a bit of both mental and physical health now. Things are going pretty nice now. Indeed, thank you God, indeed.

Also. SPARTAN FIGHT! Hope the fight is good enough to keep you interested in Erytus. Or that he will at least spark some interest about him.

See you in the future, my 13 readers!



Good news and bad news, people. Good news, my tooth is still in my mouth. Bad news, there's a 50-50 chance of either getting or not getting a root canal, depending on how my tooth reacts to a few treatments.

But good grief! I didn't lose it. You have no idea of how happy I feel right now. THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU CHRIST FOR THIS!

I'm sooo very happy indeed!


Freakitty Yay...

Yeops, my molar tooth is busted. I just checked it on a mirror and it has a cavity so large you can put all of America in there and still have space for a few more countries. I'm not sure how my tooth hasn't collapsed unto itself and created a Black Hole that absorbs everything on its path.

Anyways, I'll have to get an appointment for the dentist. IF I'm lucky, I may not lose my tooth --not very possible, since I was close to losing it a few years ago. If I'm unlucky, I'll probably need some surgery, which I'll take a long, loong while to pay, even when I have a sort of stable job nowadays.

In both cases, since the place I was born in is Mexico, it means that either process --cavity filling or surgery-- will be extra painful. And, I have a high tolerance to pain, but last time someone took out a couple of my molars, it hurt like someone transported hell into my mouth.

I guess I'll have to accept the loss of my tooth. God willing, I may not have to lose it, but, as I have said before, it is a very very unlikely scenario.

AAAAGH!!! I hate all these interruptions to my creative processes. I no longer have the impressive girth of my 6 month buffer, now it being reduced to a mere 2 months. The last thing I need is to be detained a longer time.

Sigh... I know that nobody wants to read all this stressing stuff, but, it sort of gives me some venting out. I guess I'm not as tough ugly macho as I'm meant to be, but, believe me, when I feel pain, it pretty much means a normal person would be screaming in agony.

And I'm both in pain, AND highly stressed.



Thank God for my mother. I talked to her last night, and she calmed me a little bit about, well, everything that was worrying me. I still have a few things to worry about -specially about my tooth which still sort of kind of hurts- but at least, should things come to worst, I know I have my family' support.

If your mother is just as half as good as mine, you do owe her a present or a small token of your appreciation. Or at least visit her and tell her how much you love her.

OK, I'm out. Hope to talk about more cheerful things soon!



Sorry for not updating the comic's votereward on time, folks, but I forgot my webcomic list password, and they send it about 12 hours ago, while I was at work. I'd offer one extra votereward to make up for it, but, I believe THIS new votereward will be worth the wait.

I've had a few anxiety issues for like, 3 days now, and it seems they won't stop for a while. I'll try to make sure they won't hinder the comic doingness too much, but, still, man, this one is tough. I prefer my happy-go-lucky, no-cares-about the-far-future self, rather than the one that worries that his unclean teeth, his eating habits or his lack of a nice job will destroy him in the future.

BUT, I drank some calming tea, so I think I can function properly for a few seconds. Which means, I'll use said seconds to talk about the comic:

Who are those three defying Gala? What kind of evil powers do they have? And... uh... will they have a recurring appereance contract? Why do I add so many characters? When will I stop?

These and some questions may be answered... In the futuuuure. Or is it, fuuuuuture?