Would you people forgive me if I had grayscaled comics only for a while?

Seems life has gotten in the way seriously, and I only have a week of buffer at most, and too many things to do to feed it properly :(

By the way, it would help me a lot if you went to this wee page http://pepetz.com/category/pepetzfriends/ and vote for my friends design, Guanaljuato.

Please do, or esle, I might get assassinated, Assassin Trio style, even :D


¿Me perdonarian si hiciera comics en gris por un buen rato?

He estado ocupado en cosas de la vida, y a duras penas tengo tiempo para hacer comics. :D



Sorry the votereward is so late... Since I lost a little bit of blood in my surgery, it seems that a virus managed to enter my system, leaving me with a cold and sore throat. I know it is a virus, since the antbiotic the doctor gave to me is pretty strong indeed, and this, the possibilities of it being an infection are kinda low.

So, yeah, I'm sick, but otherwise OK, All thanks to God.

So, how's it going on your sides? Been checking the facebook page?

I'll give you a reminder, since the guy who did the page has more money than I do, and therefore, has more possibilities of sending assassins if I don't remind you about the page.


EDIT: And now, I find out I owe you people a pic for the page reaching 27 followers! Oh boy :D



Someone made a Faceboo page about the comic... Guess you can click, IF you are brave.




OK, I can finally tell ye, people. I got my wisdom teeth removed, plus, had my lower jaw checked for possible trouble with my lower wisdom teeth, which happened to grow sorta horizontal --diagonal?--.

Thanks to God in Heaven, them wisdom teeth in the upper side got removed nicely... And the lower jaw ones haven't caused much complications, which is indeed a Blessing!

I hope I'll be in good enough health to continue doing 'em comics for your enjoyment people. God willing, of course.