Sorry, so sorry, I know I'm late with the votereward, I have no excuses, but at least I'm getting enough money to pay for small gifts for my family this Xmas. You may say "gifts shouldn't be that important" but it is the one time I have enough saved to tell my family "here, a small token of my gratitude to you."

Therefore, I guess I owe you a pic. BUT, not just any pic, this time, you get to choose what kind of pic you get! Depending on complexity, though, I might have it done for January, if I have it sooner, it'll be posted as soon as I finish it.

Feed me your ideas, and lessee what happens :D

Anyways, about the votereward: Who is that white Fechi on a tank? You'll find out... as soon as I get to re-do the second chapter of the comic... So many things to do, so very little time :D