New Votereward

A new Votereward will appear about two hours after this post is up. Chalk it up to difference of timelines between topwebcomics and me.

It has Jerred in a Mint Dragoon armor! Unfortunately, my drawing skills can't measure up to such an awesome idea. Sorry to disappoint.

So, any comments about the arc so far? Too slow? Too fast? You hate it? You hate me because of it? You want to stalk me and cut me into pieces? Do you want to transfom me into a cubist work of art to redeem me for all the scrawlings I have done so far? Maybe skin me off, use my skin for your art, my blood for your paint and my bone and meat for your meal?

Is it obvious I'm playing with the words in this blog to see what kind of advertisement comes out below?

But, anyways, do tell me your opinions about the story so far :p


Ahhh, what on earth...

I'm posting a link to 21st May 2010's comic page, since it seems Comicgenesis auto-updater is acting up again :D


So... uhmn, yeah, how's 'em Chicago Bears?


The Votereward has... changed...

It changed into something... something slightly different... it has no tentacles or other appendages, yet it moves quickly throughout the wold.

You'll see MintWhelp's possible design for the second part of the MW Saga. I don't know what plot it would have, what characters would come back... heck, even the existance of a second part s doubtful. But there is Mint Whelp, as he'd look on this hypothetical second part.

Who knows, maybe next time I show a "MW's possible future design" he'll be wearing a red tutu, a giant disco-ball collar, and high-heel stillettos. Ew.