Sorry, guys, this one is slightly NSFW... Mainly because it shows a character performing a typical Magical Girl Transformation.

In other certain news, I'm trying to get back my faith in God. Lately, I've been seeing many things, that are indeed unexplainable to my feeble mind. So, I decided to brush up the old yet slightly renewed faith and find answers there.

Now, let's leave this topic alone. I don't want people discussing religion, nor politics nor sports in here. I just... well, didn't know what to put as a "currently, in my life.." that happened to be either cheery enough, or not too depressing. :d

I could also have shut up about it, I guess. Anyways!

Certain sources aka, the guy who writes the good and cool stuff that happens in the comic, has stated his opinion that magical girls aren't exactly within the scope of the comic... And I should agree. It would be ill advised to add even more characters now that the comic is about halfway through, me thinks :D So, yeah, no magical girl shenanigans for you --in this comic, at least--

I guess you can always enjoy Gala's magical happy romp with them gals while clicking on the votereward. But... ehh... next time, I should tone down the fanservice a bit. I mean, I don't want to get people in trouble, after all.


bp3500 said...



(note, I will not answer anything until the questions are asked)

MintWhelp said...

Which questions?

Oh yeah, by the by... that music clip is completely ruined for me since I heard the McDonalds version first :p

bp3500 said...

Here, let me help you with that, this video is the remedy to McRolled:


MintWhelp said...

Well, that was amusing indeed.

And... once again, I ask: Which questions?

bp3500 said...

If you ask, I will answer. If you imply, I will not.

that Is what I meant.

bp3500 said...

Also... that scene in the votereward reminds me of Shana's Dragoon Transformation in Legend of the Dragoon.

bp3500 said...

Octavia Heaven eh?

There is one thing that comes to mind:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9LxNxLa8sM

MintWhelp said...

Well, that looks so cheap it is actually pretty awesome.

Also, on the Gala transformation thing... Well, taking in mind I indeed have played Legend of Dragoon, maybe I was indeed inspired by that... though my main objective was to pretty much combine as many Sailor Moon imagery transformations as possible.