It seems a sea battle is on, now!

Poor MintWhelp. Hope the enemies don't open his sides or something. Could get messy.

Anyways, talking time! Monster Horde Leader and Random Caterpillar are always fun to write, mainly because they get into the most bizarre situations possible. Also, MHL is SO the tragic villian; sure, his tragedies amount to "getting laughed at by his minions" and "getting so big he can't fit in his bathing suit", not to mention "getting a wound on a hard to explain place" and, most importantly, "being defeated by a mostly defenseless dragon cub", but, to him, they were life-changing tragedies, indeed. If not, he wouldn't be going around all over creation in order to defeat Mint Whelp, right?

RCP (Random Caterpillar; the extra P is for PIE) is fun to write because of his obsessive nature. First, stalking MintWhelp's party, nowadays, stalking Vessee. I'm not saying that stalkers are funny (they are NOT) but, the fun part about RCP's stalker...hood, uh... stalkingness... stalking behaviour is more on the fact that he's, most of the time, completely ineffectual at it.

Funny thing about RCP is that, if he where a more serious villian, he'd be incredibly dangerous. I mean, he's been able to convince Monster Horde Leader, a spider, Boxnoxox, and, now, a nest of wasps to help him(OK, convince is too strong a word on that last scenario, but they are kind of working under him now) . He's also a treacherous bastard that won't mind backstabbing you if it completes his purposes somehow. Add the stalker behaviour and his capability to eventually metamorphosize into a winged being, and you got one scary evil being, indeed!

And now, we introduce the Elite Wasp Force, the Baron 5. Right now, they are just some wasps, but, hopefully, I'll be able to depict these characters properly as the chapter unfolds.

Oh well, see ye!

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