New votereward and...

Well, we got a new votereward --even though the votereward will update a few hours after this post is made, but oh well. Good thing: I tried to use a different colouring technique. Bad thing: I didn't accomplish any sexyness in this pic, like, at all.

Anyways... The reason I wanted to have this votereward done sooner, was because my brother got married last week, which meant I needed to be available at any moment's notice --helping with carrying stuff, mainly--, and I can't do that while debating what kind of pic I want for the votereward, you see. I'm bad at multitasking, hah hah hah.

On to other subjects... How do you like the fight so far? I'm not confident enough to show great naval or sky fighting --nor should I be confident to do any kind of fights, by most people's standards-- but it's getting there, isn't it? Well, at least those who are fans of Minouzu --yes, all two of them, me included-- will get to see him pulling some moves out of nowhere, in a cool way. Also, those who are fans of Riki and Timelson will get to see some cool fighting scenes from them.

AND!!! At the end of the chapter!! A disturbing REVEAL!!! That people saw coming a mile away!!!

Good things in the future, indeed.


MintWhelp said...

Oops, the date.

OK, most of the stuff said here is said in a mostly serious matter.

MintWhelp said...


bp3500 said...

gotta love the "he's from the fucking FUTURE! of COURSE he's gonna be better!" plot device. right?

also, I have a tab for epic music right next to this one.


Like in the last topic thingy, I WILL NEVER THINK THIS IS NOT THE BEST THING EVER! (essentially, "YOU HEARD IT, YOU CANNOT UN-HEAR IT!")