Another Votereward for you!

As the title suggest.

Nothing much to talk about; just that I've had some insomnia episodes and comic production is going sloooow.


bp3500 said...

well luis, it be me again. sorry I havn't been keeping up with the comic lately, I've been busy with recording shit.
so, yeah. not bad VRW.
anyway, I've been searching for music that would possibly blow away everything you have suggested to me so far.


this is the final boss music of none other than Megaman X6!
also, word of this post: dratierr

MintWhelp said...

It's OK, everyone has something to attend to, after all. I'm not asking people to be on stitches on every single thig I do; Otherwise, I'd have a twitter account. :p

Pretty cool Boss Music indeed, a bit too heavy on the guitars for my taste, but, that's just my musical taste speaking :p

Ah, but it, for some reason, brought me to this piece of nostalgia:


Man, I'd play that game for hours back in my days. It was awesome.

Dratierr, eh? sounds like the bootleg evolution of a Dratini :D

Today's word is... Lague. Not very impressive, I'd say.

bp3500 said...

double dragon 2 eh? I heard there is a double dragon section in IWBTF, which stands for I Wanna Be The Fangame, which is obviously a fanmade IWBTG game. anyway, Here is another pretty good theme, also from A megaman X game. I'm gonna post two themes here because the one from X2 is the origional, and the one from X6 is a remix of it, so tell me which one you like more.

anyway, here is the one from X2:

and here is the one from X6:

and last but not least:
not a song. I bet I had you there didn't I? anyway, my word of the day is fersilyb

MintWhelp said...

Mmmh, interesting music... Might think about using it for the MintWhelp Saga 2 game... if I ever get to look for a proper, easy program to do games with --Nope, not Zelda Classic... too complicated for my tastes :p--

Non-interesting tidbit about me: I've only playeD Megaman X and Megaman X3, of the Megaman X series; but, I've played the more obscure ---and underrated, in my opinion-- games of Megaman Legends, both part one and two.

If someone who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone on the higher ups of Capcom is reading this, PLEASE, let Inafune finish the Megaman Legends series!

Did Roll and Tron reach outer space? Did Megaman ever came back to Earth? Who's behind the whole "Purifier" System!? As in, we want to see their faces!


And now, on a more dignified note, the word of the day was...


...That doesn't even sound like a word, does it?

Bp3500 AKA DRKNT_64 said...

I've never played the legends seried. I might look for it on eBay sometime.
In my opinion, megaman X3 is the best of the Super Nintendo X series. call my crazy, but I just like having alot of things to collect, it adds a lot of replay value to the game, in which if you don't find all the items, you would try your hardest to find them all in another playthrough. And then, you find the Light Chips, and think really hard which one you want, and then you find out that there is a capsule in doppler's lab that gives you all four and then shit bricks for picking one and not being able to get the golden armour. And then, there is the people you have the choice of killing, Bit, Byte, and THEMYSTERIOUSMAVERICK. I recently discovered that you will have the easiest time if you do NOT kill bit, but DO kill byte, and do kill THEMYSTERIOUSMAVERICK. which you do so by defeating them with their weaknesses when you fight them in the stages. also, there is a miniboss that you fight if you kill... I'll just say it, because you probably already know. ITS VILE FROM MMX1!!!!111!!1!11!!!11!1!
that if you defeat with zero, the miniboss falls on zero and X gets Zero's beam sabre, which is the most broken pile of crap ever.

on a side note, I have a skype account. I would be very intereted in adding you, luis.
also, my word now is ovedsio..?

MintWhelp said...

Ahh, I knew all that about MMX3. That's why I loved that game, indeed.

Skype? Call me a brute of technology but... never heard of it :p

And my word is... Sugar. SUGAR? Come on, we go from the obscure, to the incomprehensible, and now, into common, here :p

bp3500 AKA DRKNT_64 said...

lol. Skype is like an online telephone that can use microphones, headset or built-in, to talk to other people with skype.
here be the link to teh skype download if you are interested:
it is 90% free to talk with other skype users. the 10% cost for using skype is only if you want to use skype to call other phones.

my word is prousna..? what the hell, internet.

also, I am bp3500 AKA DRKNT_64, because that is my skype account name.

also, i failed to put in the word, so now, my word is vzins. really, internet?

MintWhelp said...

Ohh no... I have no microphones, unfortunately, so I guess I'll pass on that.

And, my new word of the day is... Sproggat. What on earth...

bp3500 said...

karenina knows better, why does she think she would be able to lift a boat?
Rpg heroes these days...

Risky said...

Firstly, about the vote reward, it is one of my favorites ever! I really like her face's color and expression.

Secondly, the oekaki went away due to not being drawn in enough... sad to lose those pictures. I will try to set up a new one and draw in it a bit more often.

Thirdly, the comic is going in a very exciting way! It'd be nice to see the whelp looking a bit more normal for a change though... hopefully he's not a boat forever. That would be a bit peten.

MintWhelp said...

@BP3500: Guess she though she had the "Wonder Woman" Class Change :p Either that, or she wanted to have her own Big Damn Heroes Moment :p

@Risky: Yeah, I was kind of wondering where it went, the oekaki. Too bad, though, I wanted to draw some stuff a few days ago :p

Glad you are liking the comic! MintWhelp may return soon to normal form... In fact, next time we see them MintWhelp Team we'll probably have a more MintWhelp centered chapter.

And glad you liked the votereward! We strive to get better liiittle by little. :)

bp3500 said...

bikdiponabus just finished his pikmin LP. the endings for it are all very bitter.
on a brighter note, I got my google account thingy back.

MintWhelp said...

Word of today: smated

Yeah, I just saw it... but, didn't he get a HAPPY ending?

bp3500 said...

well, it's still a bitter moment, if not for Olimar, then for the pikmin. it is much MUCH sadder than the bad end though. in the bad end, olimar's ship chrashes and he Dies. then the pikmin put him in the red onion and then olimar ir reborn a pikmin.

also, my word now is inence

MintWhelp said...

Holy carp. Such a cute world, and it has such dark connotations. It's like having a chapter where one of the carebears says he has cancer, and they have to discuss wether to allow marijuana as a medicinal placebo in Care-a-lot or not.

Gee man. Gee.

No word this time, since I'm still logged in.

Anonymous said...

That being said, I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about pikmin 2. I can't wait to see how that is gonna turn out. I am specifically not watching any LP's of it so that I am surprised by what happens in the game.
yacepto? wtf

MintWhelp said...

But, didn't he said it would still take a while?

Mmmh, anyways... word of the day is inglorim. We'are getting fancy, huh.

bp3500 said...

he did, but still.
there is one problem, however. have you heard of Defta? they act like they are part of a buisness, talking all formal and shit, and they have a video that makes them seem like the nazi regime.
what they do is, they troll LPers' channels a bunch, and they get that account suspended with false DMCA (digital millenium copyright act) if they show any signs of resistance.
they are assholes and must be destroyed. and the worst part of it all, they are targeting Bikdip, and they already got NCS and Chuggaconroy.

also, my word is...
Adies. adies=eightys much?

MintWhelp said...

Mmmh. I believe they already told Bikdip he can counter-claim them, so, if anything arises, guess that's his way to go. I hope he doesn't get suspended, though; I've grown to like his videos a tad bit.

Word of the day, is... underged

Sounds like a legit word but...

bp3500 said...

well I have news regarding the matter. Aparently, there was a guy named conjopi who is going around flagging people's vids to get them suspended, and Defta is actually taking the credit of his work. conjopi is the real villan now.

MintWhelp said...

Well, ain't there some bored people out there. Worse of all, bored people who would try to get his kicks out of bothering other folk.

I just don't understand them.

Word of the day: remyrat. Maybe it's an anagram of something...


bp3500 said...

lol. well, now people are claiming that the situation is over.Conjooi may still be on the rise, but hopefully now things are over and done with.

so anyway. I got myself a visualboy advance. I can only imagine the shit I can do with it. what is a good gameboy game that you would reccomend I play?

MintWhelp said...

Unfortunately, I was one of the many boys in the world who didn't have a gameboy back in the days of yore.

Buut, I guess you can't never go wrong with a zelda game.

Word of the day: prifyw

bp3500 said...

well, I just realized, I've been chatting with you for a whole year now! my 14th birthday is in 3 days.

There's no need to make a votereward for me this time.

yeah, that's right. I could get the Oracle games. They were a good duo back in the day.

word of day: flizie

MintWhelp said...

Man... time does fly by...

Word of the day: Homboesh

bp3500 said...

I don't exactly remember when yanzou's dad tried to kill them. Can you point out to me the chapter?

word of day: ality

MintWhelp said...



Guess nothing says "I want you dead", than trying to shoot you down with a missile. :D

Word of the day, UNSESS?