New Votereward!

Man, seems I only use this blog to tell you about new voterewards, huh? But, I guess it can't be helped. Anyways, this votereward is simple, yet, there's something I like a lot about it; maybe it's the colouring, what do you think?

Aside of my insomnia episodes, and a few events that have sapped my inspiration a little bit, everything is sort of OK. I'll be working soon on redoing the second chapter of the comic: "The Fechi Valley"!

This one sure requires some major overhauls, not only because of the "MintWhelp Rant" part (done back in the days my scanner was useless because of me changing operating systems), but also, because of the Fechies themselves.

You see, we ended up having a few Fechi characters that are now important to the plot, and I was told it would be better if we reference them a bit in this "first appereance of the Fechies" chapter; so, some rewriting will be done to that effect. And, of course, I'll try to have jokes that actually try to make sense, and just slightly better artwork than in the original pages.

On sort of unrelated news, I also found a game-maker engine that I may use in the event I make a MWS2 game. Don't hold your breath on that one, though, as I still have to learn how to use it properly, scribble a story, maybe make custom sprites, etcetera, etcetera; and, as people that know me can tell you, I have problems with even the most simple technical stuff, so making a game (even with a game-making engine) might be a bit beyond my ken.

One final note: I guess we could try having you people that comment suggest a topic I could talk about in this blog. Since it's only four people now, I guess we can somehow manage for one or two topics :D. How about it?


Risky said...

Yay, Yanzou was briefly there! Funny joke about Mint "Tiger Woods" Whelp's future indiscretions. Also, thanks for the pic in the oekaki board... it's now the newest, most complicated, and most commented on pic in the oekaki, so it shows up 3 times on the front page.

The word is pines. That's not even close to a real word, and if it was, I bet it would be a dirty one.

My topic request is: The card game.

MintWhelp said...

No problem! But man, I'm so rusty on the oekaki powers...

But, isn't "pine" a word? Like, pine resin and stuff?

Also, it's a good topic, the card game thing. I'll begin to write about it tomorrow, hopefuly.

And my word of the day is... "lakes". We are into common territory here :D

Risky said...

Your oekaki powers still put mine to shame. My small oekaki skill pines for the day when it will be half as good as yours. Er... now "oekaki" doesn't look like a real word.

Lakes? Is that like, potato pancakes? The word is "dents"... that means thickheaded I think.

bp3500 said...

i am frozen taday. this message was brought to you by the letters b, and p, and by the numbers 3, 5, 0, and 0 again.

yeah, I dunno.

so we are finally moving on to jaimie's chapter. I was wondering when we were going to get to it. I thought the mintwhelp chapter was too long an drawn-out, but that's just me.