OMG! A very polemic topic in MWS!!!

Not in the comic, of course. Those will come later :D

Actually, there was a little tidbit of information I thought I could share with you. And it's about religion. And, I want to get it out of the way right now: If this somehow devolves on some sort of "My way of thinking is better" or things like that, I'll tell you to stop, roll, and keep quiet. Anyways...

Did you know, that along the many things that were cut out the very first drafts of the MWS --along with MW having wings and animal like paws, Karenina and Yanzou still working as mercenaries and performing rather vile acts before meeting MW, Magic coming inside capsules, etc-- was a tidbit about religions existing in the MWS world? And that they'd take a great deal on the story?

Yes, I know what you'll say: "But there must be religions in the MWS world! They have a 'Teaspoon of the Goddess' and Bob in the MintWhelp Rants!" and you are right. Gods do exist in the MWS world, but, if you'll stop interrupting me, I'll get on explaining the original ideas on religion in the MWS world.

There were going to be 3 major religions in the MWS world. They had no names at the times of the drafting, but I had them identified by ideology: The religion of Good Stuff, Better Stuff, and Best Stuff. Each one thanked a different deity on their own way:

Good Stuff religion thought that there were good things around the world.

Better Stuff, same idea, except you put "better" instead of "good" in the paragraph above.

And, the Best Stuff religion thought that things where already their best, and that we should thank God for finding things we found pleasant.

And people fought over these similar, yet slightly different ways to view the world! Imagine that.

I know what you'll say: "Those are not religions at all!". And, I know. That's why I had second thoughts about that idea. To have a religion, one must have a deity, epiphanies, manuscripts (most of the time), witnesses, etcetera to be considered as such. And, well, back then, I didn't have the attention span to do such things; the idea was entirely dropped when a certain character came to be.

For the second part of the MintWhelp Saga, I plan to explain the existance of the gods and goddesses that, at least once upon a time, existed in the MWS World. In fact, that part will also explain how come a dragons, catfolk and humans can have hybrid children instead of terrifying malformed monsters. :D

And, if things go well, it will explain, too, why the MWS barely has any mention about religion. Aside of my lazyness, and, others may say, "lack of committment to create a fully-fleshed world".


Risky said...

I have no comment about religion. There is religion in my comic, as in both Diane and Bkhee are priestesses. But then again, since it is fantasy, the gods in question will probably show up at some point (meaning some point not in Diane's dream or Diane's storytelling). In any case it's a coari subject.

MintWhelp said...

Huh, odd. Today's word for the comment thing is "Dianar". Talk about a fun coincidence.

Hope we can someday reach that point on your storyline, man :D

Risky said...

Hm hm. Well, the blue maiden did talk to her dead bug son in one scene. She said "they took the bait".

Claws are a good weapon, but it's easy to do cool moves with a whip as well, like you could pose, laugh, then do a cracking nesenda.

MintWhelp said...

Oh man. Misha with a whip would be both a kinky and terrifying option to see... Therefore, it's worth trying at least once and see what happens :D :d

Today's word is stoact. Which, I assume, means a stoic act of some sort?