Yope, even though I haven't changed the button, the votereward has changed. Take a look see if you don't believe me!

The New Year's celebrations were crazy, plus me being sick with the flu means that I couldn't change the vote button. I'll get on it on Sunday :D

The comic will probably have 3 more years of life, before we reach the end. So, since this is a new year and all... What do you expect to see in this year, and maybe future years? What do you expect from the comic plot?

And... a most important note to you, my 13 readers: Truly, I appreciate your support. While finishing the MWS comic would indeed happen eventually, it does renew my vigor to know that not only me and Sdragon like the comic enough to keep reading it.

Thank you from the MWS Team! Which only comprises of two people... can that be still called a team?

Guess time and a dictionary will tell.


Risky said...

I'm a one man team... the number of members doesn't matter to make it a team. I'm not a dictionary but I am a knowledgeable Oregonian (patent pending).

I like your comic muchly and it makes me very sad if it slows down a bit, hopefully it never ends! Your drive to continue inspires me, and it was thanks to you that I decided to restart my comic.

Plus, that is the best votereward I've seen all month! From anyone! It's redootal!

MintWhelp said...

Knowledgeable Oregonian Man? KOM?

Thanks for the compliment on the votereward. In fact, seeing that the year of the rabbit begins on February, I have a nice votereward planned, for that month.

Also, I see you updated your comic indeed! I'll get on track right now!

Annnd, thanks for your support, many, many thanks indeed!

Risky said...

It's sad that I am waiting for a new computer to come so I can actually keep up the promised updates... already I am half a week late. And I don't do three a week like some hero of mine.

bp3500 said...

I know I haven't been posting here in a while, but please keep in mind, you will also have my support. The comic will end eventually, because all good things...

I think you should update as much as you think the comic needs updating. If anything, I think you should take a little break, because that's what people, especially people like you, deserve every while.

MintWhelp said...

Hey, don't worry about not posting in here, both of you. I mean, it is indeed real nice to hear from you and your comments, but I don't wish to force you to anything.

If by "taking some rest" you mean "plan the Mint Whelp Saga 2", then, yes, I'll take a break eventually. :d