Sorry for not updating the comic's votereward on time, folks, but I forgot my webcomic list password, and they send it about 12 hours ago, while I was at work. I'd offer one extra votereward to make up for it, but, I believe THIS new votereward will be worth the wait.

I've had a few anxiety issues for like, 3 days now, and it seems they won't stop for a while. I'll try to make sure they won't hinder the comic doingness too much, but, still, man, this one is tough. I prefer my happy-go-lucky, no-cares-about the-far-future self, rather than the one that worries that his unclean teeth, his eating habits or his lack of a nice job will destroy him in the future.

BUT, I drank some calming tea, so I think I can function properly for a few seconds. Which means, I'll use said seconds to talk about the comic:

Who are those three defying Gala? What kind of evil powers do they have? And... uh... will they have a recurring appereance contract? Why do I add so many characters? When will I stop?

These and some questions may be answered... In the futuuuure. Or is it, fuuuuuture?

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