Well, oh well... VOTEREWARD ISSUES

Once again, I forgot my Webcomic List password. And, once again, it seems they are taking longer than expected to send me the new password.

SO! You get to see the votereward from here:


Once I get my password back, I'll upload it to the webcomic list votereward thingamajig.

Aand, to make it up to you, next month, I'll upload a sketch every week. But not just any sketches... It will feature a cool and absolutely weird and hillarious idea I heard at Deviant Art.

I'll post a sketchy minicomic story on what would happen if Gala was a magical girl :D Or, to be more specific, if she was invited to become part of a "magical girl" group.

Don't worry, it will be worth your time :D


Risky said...

Just watched an episode of "kore wa zombie desu ka". It's about a zombie. Who becomes a magical girl. Except he's a guy. But if he didn't do it, he couldn't kill the lobster with the magical chainsaw. So there you go.

I like the Gaia storyline. I really don't care about the Spartans.

bp3500 said...

My response to that thing you described:


In other news, It will be the first day of spring on sunday. I can think of some shenanegins I can do that day.

MintWhelp said...

Risky: Well, the Spartan fight ends at the time of this post, and, Gala's fight resumes on Monday.

Also... well, I can say now, my interest is piqued.

BP3500: Oh my, I guess you'll appear in the boards, announce spring is here, and shoot a cloud of bullets all over the place? Sounds amusing :D

bp3500 said...

Obligatory reference is obligatory.



Risky said...

If I like a character, I should learn to not typo her name... soupess.

Risky said...

These guys are really funny. That shot of Rien getting thrown into the fray was classic. The art is really tops as well. Eritrea's expressions are really expressive!

I'm excited since it's almost April... does that mean it's almost time for the magical girl story?

MintWhelp said...

I'll try update it via votereward once a week. Meaning, you'll get about 4 voterewards in one month :D