The votereward WILL INDEED be a tad late. I'll be honest with you. Insomnia Episodes (ie. me being unable to sleep, not me seeing a tv show called Insomnia), plus an interesting comic I was reading, equals... Well, it equals a comic author that is both sleepy, unable to work properly at his current job, and hasn't drawn any proper votereward :p

Guess if you feel a character hasn't received any Votereward love, you can suggest him/her/it now.

The comic doingness is going a bit slow, yet steady. I seem to have a bit of both mental and physical health now. Things are going pretty nice now. Indeed, thank you God, indeed.

Also. SPARTAN FIGHT! Hope the fight is good enough to keep you interested in Erytus. Or that he will at least spark some interest about him.

See you in the future, my 13 readers!

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