Augh... So much work and no play makes this comic author... be late with the votereward.

Next time I'll try to be slightly less late than this time :D

Oh yeah, the votereward, has my two favorite red-headed gals from the comic The Elven and The MintWhelp Saga!!!


bp3500 said...

I'm going to assume The Elven was risky's webcomic, am I right? I like what you did there.

Risky said...

Amazing! Stupendous! Shiny! It makes me want to give Bkhee an awesome sword in the comic. And a jacket. Plus Karenina is also my favorite.

MintWhelp said...

@BP3500: Indeed! And believe me, to make me like elves, your elvish --elfin? elfish?-- characters have to be verily very interesting.

@Risky: I hope I didn't blunder too much on Bkhee's clothing. Had to half guess some of the clothes, half reference them since I was too lazy to look through all the chapters :p

@ people in general: Next votereward will have more Fechies transfigured into humans! Why? Uh... because; yeah, that's why.

Also, word of the day: Jusubves... Maybe blogger dwells in words not on our own language...

bp3500 said...

"Next votereward will have more Fechies transfigured into humans! Why? because shut up. shut up is why."


also, I got the best word ever for a verification word: unded.

Risky said...

It certainly seems like something she would wear.

imisk... Imis is actually a city in the The'elven RPG... but no k.