Aaahhh!!! I just realized something!

The current Chapter is, as I'm typing this, 150 comic pages long. It is at 23 comic pages from beting the longest chapter in this comic --which is the whole thing with Jerred going through the mountains to meet his Dad and get his new sword, AKA Chapter 13: A Hero's Ordeals--

Aaaand, I have yet to solve any of the plot points of this chapter :p. I could be cheap and crack this Chapter in two parts... But, that would mess up with some bits of schedule.

So, I guess I'll make this chapter pick up on the pace, unless you are really enjoying this chapter :p.


Risky said...

Why, what are the plot points of this chapter?

MintWhelp said...

Well, basically, everyone being decent at fighting+learning a new technique to fight :D