This time you'll never guess who they are. Come on, guess. Guess. Guess.

Anyways, Many things have happened... But, the most important one is: They cancelled the MegaMan Legends 3 Project. Capcom says that the fans weren't showing enough enthusiasm about it.

I guess they kinda expected to suddenly sell it and cause hype like their most sellable titles. I guess they didn't understand that, basically being a cult classic, MegaMan Legends 3 was pretty much being made for a niche of fans, rather than for the mainstream. It is an understandable position; when it comes to industries shelling out mad cash, you want to get a profit.

BUT, that is not the same thing as "the fans weren't showing enough enthusiasm". Unless they wanted the niche of fans to go around murdering people as sacrifices to Mega Man Legends 3, I believe that people voting for designs, offering ideas on gameplay they want to see, submitting enemies and NPC's design and so forth does mean that the fans were showing enthusiasm.

Theeen again, I'm usually starving for attention like a hungry kid, so I may not be seeing it in the proper context and size.

Ah well, I poured my two wood cents, and, realized I won't have to buy a 3DS anymore :p


Risky said...

I still see fechies. Riki is inflatable and firey, Nix has a green hat, and Vessee has a lollipop. Maybe?

MintWhelp said...

Indeed, Mr. Risky! You win... a prize.

Which is in the form of an illustration, since I don't have any money :d

Risky said...

It took me a few hours to find Nix's name... I couldn't just say "the one with the hat" because he has a hat as a human too. O_O

Risky said...

As far as illustrations, maybe you could update the cast page instead, lol. Or would that make the quizzes too easy?

MintWhelp said...

The cast page... Oh man. Updating it... OH MAN.

I'll try to, once I get some vacation time from work.

Silly work, taking away precious time I could be using to make comic, updating the old comic pages, or, yes, re-doing the Cast Page.

Risky said...

My work takes away so much time from my comic I can't update at all, let alone the cast page.

bp3500 said...


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