Sorry I haven't been updating the comic properly on time, but... well, let's say that having to return home at 23:00 PM and having to wake up at 4:00 AM to cook foodness for the family isn't exactly doing wonders to my schedule.

ANYWAYS! You ain't reading this just to hear my whine! You want to know when will I stop with this Fechi-to-human trend the voterewards are having, no? Welp, only one more month of this and we will be off to greener pastures :d

This tme though, I'll let you guess who the person in the current votereward is: You won't know, mainly because she hasn't been properly introduced yet! I AM A CHEATERING BASTARD! MWA HAH HAH HAH!!!

...I need some sleep.


Risky said...

I have guesses, lol, but I think I'll keep them to myself, lol.

bp3500 said...

Same here.