I know, it's several days late.... like, 30 days late.

I had lotsa studffs to do and lotsa spaghetti.

I'll try to have tyhe comic up-tp-date in about 2 weeks time, not counting this one :D

In the meantime, vote for tyhe comic, and tell us if you like the new colouring style I used there! :d :d :d :d

And more :d :d :d hor good measure.


bp3500 said...

Hey Luis, do you know about/ever play Saga Frontier?

MintWhelp said...

Oh hoh hoh.

Hecks yeah I know!

I played Saga Frontier 1 and 2. Wanted to try Unlimited Saga, but, game was scarce in this country.

bp3500 said...

My reason for asking is because I recently came across this boss fight in saga frontier.


I just watched and listened, and I have to say I was absolutely amazed. The whole NO FUTURE thing with that Carnage attack was especially amazing.

MintWhelp said...

Yeah, I'd say T260g'S scenario was one of the best laid out in that game.

I'd usually say "Amusing that the guy kept T260G's basic form" but, then again, if you know how to customize that, it ends up being the most powerful form of his.

Rather said, I'm most amazed at the fact he chose Riki as one of his companions. I usually choose a one-type weaponed party, since it has a higher chance of comboing and learning techs.

bp3500 said...

That flew right over my head.

I guess it goes without question that this is definitely a game I should play sometime.

MintWhelp said...


Also, play SaGa Frontier 2.

That game needs and deserves so much love.