So... The comic of the 31st of August.

I dunno what happened, but it happened.

Also, sorry if anyone wanted to show this comic to his family and now can't, due to the badly drawn nudity.

Also, sorry for those who expect more badly drawn nudity, cuz there'll be no more.

Also, yeah, I'm probably a huge, disgusting, fat, slobbering, basement-dwelling pervert... I mean, you been reading the comic right? Thought that was sorta a given.

Again, so sorry.


bp3500 said...

Oh look, That guy made another appearance.

Miguel, was it?

MintWhelp said...

Yeah, that is his name.

Amusing how you give justification to the fact Slayer can't seem to remember the guy.

Risky said...

This was my favorite chapter yet. But then I like Misha.

bp3500 said...

Oh man, time for that one chapter where all the main characters meet up and have a party and the party gets ruined by the bad guys and then the bad guys get beat up and then the party goes on because the bad guys a-*shot due to tangenting*

MintWhelp said...

Risky: Don't get me wrong, I also liked the chapter, but it was waay too long for my tastes. Evil work, making me lose the sense of time and timing.

BP3500: Maybe they'll join, maybe not... After all, we still gotta see wether Jerred recruits 'em ketchupians.

Orrr, maybe I should just have that within the chapter.