Holy carp!

I just saw it.

This last chapter, the one with Jaime and stuff, lasted 327 pages.

That would be a full year, almost, if I had updated the comic every day.

I find it that people often complain when an arc lasts a full year in webcomics.I mean, not you guys, since you like to pamper me a lot (thank u :3) but, I guess if I had a far more criticizing fanbase, they'd have burned me alive for this.

If not for ALL them missed days.

If not for my attitude at everything.

If not for the fact that my art is awful and amateurish.

... But yeah, hopefully, this chapter will be fun enough!

--Sees Mimi is in it, whom most people dislike--



bp3500 said...

Oh, don't worry about Mimi. We were all just pretending to hate her.

Uh, Right?

I know I was...

MintWhelp said...

Welp, I do know of one person who doesn't, at least. And since only 4 persons read the comic, that makes it 25% of disapproval :p

bp3500 said...

...The Hell?

MintWhelp said...

I guess it is too unbelievable that 25% of them people dislike MIMI?

bp3500 said...

That was my reaction to the most-recently-uploaded comic, for october 12.

MintWhelp said...

Oh that.

I was actually going to do a ZQuest game that would explain that... But ZQuest is rather unwieldy, and I don't have much time, or talents, to learn how to use it properly, so, we'll have to see what the comic's got in store for us.