Talking about Stuff #1

Wow, this took a bit of time to do. Chalk it to me being unable to sleep or work on the redoing of chapter 2 until I could sleep. :D

So, this time, we will talk about... The Card Game! Oh man. I have neglected that one for a long time...

But first, a bit of history. Back in the days when the art of the comic was worse than it is now --yep, it's possible!-- I was both obsessed with Card Games, and obsessed with having people have a sort of different experiences about the comic. And so, the idea of the card game was born.

Sdragon, being both the genius of tactics that he is, and being the only guy who happens to have awesome ideas all the time, helped me flesh out the rules of the card game. I just added pictures that, back then, I thought qualified as good enough to put on the cards. And, since the thing had pretty pics about the characters, I decided to use 'em in the cast section of the site.

So, the short-lived experiment on card gaming begun... and ended. Mainly, because we were doing this stuff in the MWS forums --yeps, we do have a forum!-- and, I'm well known in the world at large for having trouble keeping my focus on foruming --and keeping focus on many things at a time, too-- And, the thing certainly required me to be constantly there, modding and stuff, while also drawing the comic pages. I'm bad at multitasking!!:p

I do want to re-do the card game project... in terms of art, of course. But, every time I think about it, a different project appears... like, redoing the second chapter of the comic.

But, believe me, I'll someday, SOMEHOW finish that project. Even if it takes all my focus powers to do so.


EDIT: See, it's like I got a mild case of ADD. So, what should we talk about next? Do tell me!


bp3500 said...

so I havn't been keeping up with the comic in a while. it's because I've been talking to a lot of people. not a big deal, right?

umm... I can't think of anything else to say...

how about dem tarences?

word of day: adled. wut...

MintWhelp said...

Hey, talking to people is essential if you want to take those Social Links to level 10! --kudos if you get that reference, I guess--

Also... I dunno about 'em tarences. Though I guess it's a word that may appear in the word of the day, like... herse?