Good news and bad news, people. Good news, my tooth is still in my mouth. Bad news, there's a 50-50 chance of either getting or not getting a root canal, depending on how my tooth reacts to a few treatments.

But good grief! I didn't lose it. You have no idea of how happy I feel right now. THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU CHRIST FOR THIS!

I'm sooo very happy indeed!


bp3500 said...

I've never had a cavity in my entire life so far, (and I'm 14) so I wouldn't know what kind of pain you are having to endure. Let's all just hope that the better of the 50-50 chance is what will need to happen. I may or may not be one of the most sensitive male teenagers would would meet in your entire life, because I care about other people to a great extent.

MintWhelp said...

You are one of the few, yes. Then again, I guess the few sensitive teenagers I've indeed met have been able to see my face.

So, in your case, I am indeed extra thankful.

People may think that those that need encouragement from total strangers is a bit... drama-whorish, but, well, bless them, for being strong enough to not need an extra push, an extra word of encouragement to fight against their problems.


I'll try to talk about happier topics from now on.

I guess it's too early to ask about wether you like the new 3 assassin clan members, so, I'll just ask, wether you like their designs or not :d

bp3500 said...

I think it's a little to early for me to answer that question, to be honest.

bp3500 said...

soz I looked back and checked them out more throughly, and yeah, I do like them. They remind me of the triplets of people blocking your way in Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs. One of them is just a usual female grunt, stuck between a girl who takes a month to find what to say, and a girl who abbreviates everything.