Freakitty Yay...

Yeops, my molar tooth is busted. I just checked it on a mirror and it has a cavity so large you can put all of America in there and still have space for a few more countries. I'm not sure how my tooth hasn't collapsed unto itself and created a Black Hole that absorbs everything on its path.

Anyways, I'll have to get an appointment for the dentist. IF I'm lucky, I may not lose my tooth --not very possible, since I was close to losing it a few years ago. If I'm unlucky, I'll probably need some surgery, which I'll take a long, loong while to pay, even when I have a sort of stable job nowadays.

In both cases, since the place I was born in is Mexico, it means that either process --cavity filling or surgery-- will be extra painful. And, I have a high tolerance to pain, but last time someone took out a couple of my molars, it hurt like someone transported hell into my mouth.

I guess I'll have to accept the loss of my tooth. God willing, I may not have to lose it, but, as I have said before, it is a very very unlikely scenario.

AAAAGH!!! I hate all these interruptions to my creative processes. I no longer have the impressive girth of my 6 month buffer, now it being reduced to a mere 2 months. The last thing I need is to be detained a longer time.

Sigh... I know that nobody wants to read all this stressing stuff, but, it sort of gives me some venting out. I guess I'm not as tough ugly macho as I'm meant to be, but, believe me, when I feel pain, it pretty much means a normal person would be screaming in agony.

And I'm both in pain, AND highly stressed.


Risky said...

That's definitely a nice image! Sorry about your tooth.

MintWhelp said...

Thank you. I'll update about that issue in a future post.